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  Ocean Edge Foods imports the finest seafood from around the world. With over a century's worth of experience, our global suppliers and customers greatly benefit from our market expertise and guidance insuring the highest quality seafood at the right price. Our reputation and integrity is known throughout the industry and evident in all of our long term relationships. We specialize in the Ocean's finest delicacies particularly Lobster, King crab, and Snow crab. We are America's exclusive importers of "Rigel" brand South African cold water lobster tails. We also import warm water tails from The Caribbean, South and Central America as well as cold water lobster products from Canada and Maine. We have our own brand of imitation crab "Ocean Edge Supreme" as well as other products packed in our label. We also import shrimp, clams, conch, mahi mahi, tuna, swai, tilapia, and a variety of other items. We sell wholesalers, food service distributors, restaurant chains, retail chains and export to several countries.

Ocean Edge Foods

Contact Us

Ocean Edge Foods

500 N Broadway, suite 139

Jericho, NY 11753-2140

Tel: (516) 833-1600

Fax: (516) 484-1092

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